Girl’s Club: One individual and their own right to create safer spaces and communities around them. Girl’s Club is in opposition of a club of only girls who must all think the same.

A girl is anyone who harnesses the power of femininity. To us, femininity is a force that can be wielded by any sex, gender or orientation. A girl is anyone who occupies unsafe territory and, against all odds, rises. Girl’s Club is driven by the need for a community, its not for everyone but it can be for anyone who identifies with us. Girl’s Club represents visual solidarity - more space is being claimed for us, by us. 


“If it can be a man’s world it can be a girl’s club. I was thinking about it and this grammatical form basically opposes the myth of feminism as a unified movement. also, grammar prescriptivism is boring. So really… it’s better this way”


If you want to be in the club, you’re already part of the club.